Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring has sprung?

Happy spring on this anniversary of Robert Frost's birthday. Here are a few photos from the farm from this weekend... Jim's 350 fruit trees budding out"Home" garlic, a 3rd generation derivative of Merck Forest's from an epic day of garlic harvest, lightning storms, and prayer. It's already four+ inches emerged with a nice south-bound view.

Cottage beebalm is healthy and prolific as ever.

And this is what happens when you have a dry winter plus a solid five days of 60-85 degree weather in mid-March: dessication. Drying out. Remember the Dust Bowl?
To look at these photos and then to reflect on Bill McKibben's Saturday presentation is telling: this is what climate change looks like. In one year in the relatively stable Vermont, we've seen Hurricane Irene-- one of the largest rain events in VT, followed by one of the sunniest and driest Novembers-- a record that then then extended to the whole winter, followed by record-setting March temperatures. Not just records that were broken by a day or two, but a week of record highs that were surpassed by 20 to 30 degrees.Tonight the heat is back on, and South Londonderry's predicted low is to drop to 14 degrees. 14 degrees! That's a 68 degree swing from high to low over the course of 4 days. The forecast is unprecedented: with high winds and dry conditions, we had forest fire warnings in Vermont. In March. Unbelievable.

McKibben's presentation was unarmingly casual yet the threat of climate change to him was no less dire-- much like the threats that climate change offer us in our day-to-day lives. 80 degrees in March is a welcome warm-up to our winter skins, but who is going to pollinate those pear blossoms? Who's to say that a more densely-condensation laden atmosphere won't throw one more sub-freezing system at us, bringing one more night to frost the blossoms and render the fruit wasted? WWRFS?-- What would Robert Frost say?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Green Peak Farm CSA Info 2012

Hello, friends!

I hope this finds you and your families well. With the weather getting warmer, Green Peak Farm is gearing up for spring. Attached, you'll find information about this year's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) venture. You'll notice that the overall price of a share this year is lower this year at $300; however, share cost is increasing on a per-weekly basis.

As such, please note the following changes to the CSA this year:

- CSA shares will NOT include meat chickens as they have in years past.

- While your weekly CSA share will still have a good variety of different types of produce, I'll be focusing in on fewer crops this year. Portion sizes will be larger, with somewhat fewer types of vegetables per week.

- Half shares are available for $200.

I look forward to hearing back from you about your interest in the farm. If you'd prefer not to return to CSA this year, or if you simply didn't get around to it last fall, I'd love to hear your feedback about last season's CSA in an anonymous survey here. I deeply value your feedback-- thanks for providing the opportunity keep making CSA at Green Peak Farm better.

Please submit your registration form and payment by May 1st. As with last year, early registration (by April 1st) will save $20. Thanks, as always!

In closing, here's "Mud Season" by Jane Kenyon.

Here in purgatory bare ground
is visible, except in shady places
where snow prevails.

Still, each day sees
the restoration of another animal:
a sparrow, just now a sleepy wasp;
and, at twilight, the skunk
pokes out of the den,
anxious for mates and meals....

On the floor of the woodshed
the coldest imaginable ooze.
and soon the first shoots
of asparagus will rise,
the fingers of Lazarus....

Earth's open wounds-- where the plow
gouged the ground last November--
must be smoothed; some sown
with seed, and all forgotten.

Now the nuthatch spurns the suet,
resuming its diet of flies, and the mesh
bag, limp and greasy, might be taken

Beside the porch step
the crocus prepares an exaltation
of purple, but for the moment
holds its tongue....

For more information and a printable .pdf registration form head to

Happy Spring!