Sunday, May 8, 2011

Farm Advisory Board...

Saturday my advisory group from school came down after the SATs to help on the farm-- big thanks to Emily, Quincy, Danielle, Mena and Marian, guest advisee for the day! Not bad to squeeze in planting 75 pounds of potatoes in between SATs and prom!The girls take the wagon of potatoes-- Yukons, Kennebec, and Adirondack Reds-- down to the field. Getting our biology lesson in... Tubers as energy storage cells + photosynthesis = more potatoes!
A great pose for our digging queen after 250 row feet get planted! We followed up the planting with some ice cream and homemade pizza. Mena led the way as our champion dough-thrower, tossing a lovely pie, and all the girls were incredible helpers. Ladies, you're hired! Thanks so much!

In other news, the peas continue to love the warm days and cool nights, and the garlic is already a foot tall. Lots of seedlings are craning their necks up to the sun, soaking in the heat of the hoophouse, and we're into sunflower range, starting a new flat each week to be sure that they're ready for Kate and Matt. We're one week into May: the forsythia is finally blooming, the hay field is a foot tall and soaks my boots in the morning, recently peppered with some dandelions, and I just saw my first goldfinch of the year. Hello, Spring!